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In what feels like a blink of an eye, our homes can become outdated and unfashionable. While our sanctuaries may have provided us with years of security, love, and entertainment, it is important to ensure that the home retains its value and is modern enough to garner a great result when it comes time to sell. So for those who are looking to give their property a face lift, it is important to find someone to professionally help them.

An all too common occurrence is when people try to a buck or two and attempt to complete a home extension or renovation themselves. While, of course, there are some basic things that the everyday person can complete, most people find that they cannot complete the task themselves, and will leave the job unfinished. This will usually occur because people underestimate how much time the project will take, underestimate the amount of material that they’ll need e.g. wood or tools, and some may even injure themselves in the process. To best avoid these things, it’s a wise move to hire a professional home extension builder.

A Sunshine Coast home extension Builder is an expert in their field who is able to quickly and accurately help with extensions and renovations. They can work alongside their clients to ensure that they are happy with the whole process but also that no mishaps or injuries occur.

Choose quality and honesty

When it comes time to finding a Sunshine Coast home Extension Builder, it is important to choose quality and honesty over price and false promises. Some builders get a bad wrap because they don’t quote the correct amount in the beginning or they don’t let their clients know worst case scenario when it comes to the costs. Instead they quote low to win the job and later surprise their clients with large coast variations. The best in the business know that things can happen and do their best to be honest about potential costs when things blow out (such as repairing faulty wiring behind wall, rotten joists under decking boards, water damage or worse, termite damage). Honest builders (such as our team here at Ward) will be more than happy to discuss realistic price expectations with their clients from the beginning and will keep them in the loop every step of the way. When it comes to building an extension, we manage all aspects of the project to ensure that it meets deadlines and aim to stay within budget while being respectful of our clients.

We ensure that the least amount of inconvenience will occur while we are working on the building. In addition to all of this, we have years of experience in the field meaning that we understand what’s needed for building certifications and council approvals, and when problems do arise (if any) we know how to quickly resolve them. We believe that poor planning and a poor team can only results in poor work and so we strive to carefully plan every step along the way and to only work with the best team in the business.

Find our exceptional team online

For those out there who are looking to find a Sunshine Coast home extension builder, they are able to easily and quickly find us by searching online. On our website, people can expect to find in-depth information about our services as well as photos of past projects. We feature all of our contact details, an about us page, and even have a blog area. For those who enjoy using social media, they are able to connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and Instagram. This means that we can easily be kept in contact with and photos of our past extensions and renovations can easily be viewed. Furthermore, we feature feedback from our past customers on our site so that people can see that we are an exceptional team that provides a great service every single time.
As life can become so busy at times, it’s beneficial to leave projects such as an extension in the hands of the professionals. This way,  you can have more time to spend on the things you love and ensures that a great job is completed properly… every time.

We’re happy to share our knowledge and insights so please feel free to continue reading our blog section.

Ward Builders: Sunshine Coast Builders

Or if you would like a quote for a building project please give us a call on 0418 510 590 or get in touch online 

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