Review of Orca Solar Lighting

Orca Solar Lighting is a Queensland, Australia-based company that deals with solar lighting bollards that are temporary or permanent, depending upon the needs of the business or individual that requires them. This company has been growing exponentially as solar becomes more popular now that more reliable products have been developed for use in a wide range of applications.

Some Common Uses of Solar Lighting Bollards

There are certain locations where traditional electrical wiring is difficult to install and this is where these solar lighting bollards really “shine”. Country roads that are off the grid often have some lighting needs so that people travelling the roads can see where intersections are located and when they are approaching them.

Parks can cover a lot of open space and it is ideal to have lighting located throughout these areas to ensure that people have a feeling of safety and security. Orca Solar has been providing the ideal lighting products to meet these needs for several years and continues to come up with more options that people, and businesses have been looking for.

Car parks are often poorly lit. Companies that operate car parks have a low profit margin in that they have taxes and maintenance to consider. Electrical costs of lighting can be cost prohibitive and solar lighting really meets the needs of these businesses in allowing them to make a profit and keep costs low. Many business owners have been looking for a product that is useful in these unique circumstances. Orca Solar Lighting specializes in outdoor lighting and they offer their knowledge and assistance to countless business owners and project managers to ensure that they get what they need.

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Temporary Lighting

There are situations where temporary lighting is required, and Orca Solar offers a wide range of useful products for these circumstances. The lighting products are bollards and are self-contained and easy to move from place to place. The lighting can be placed exactly where it is needed and when it is not longer needed it can be removed. There is no need to have the bollards wired in and they do not need to be completely installed because they are temporary. Prior to Orca Solar Lighting’s excellent solutions, there were no real options on the market to provide temporary lighting.

When it comes to putting on events, Orca Solar Lighting offers temporary lighting options that can be used in car parks and along roadways to guide vehicles as to where they can park and the direction that they need to follow in order to enter or to exit an event. This can save a lot of problems from developing with vehicle traffic and crowd control.

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Renewable Energy

People often ask why they should invest in solar lighting products and the best part about these products is that they run on a completely free and renewable energy source – the sun. You only must purchase the products once and then you do not have to pay to use them every time they are needed because they run on renewable energy, not electricity. You will never have to pay another electrical bill for lighting.

Cities save money and do not, in turn, pass the cost of electrical lighting on to taxpayers. Taxpayers end up with more funds in their pockets and are happier citizens. Developers save money on lighting and pass those costs onto property investors and buyers who are purchasing units in their newly constructed housing units.

Most people have not really considered the power and safety of solar lighting, but Orca Solar Lighting has brought this powerful option into the forefront with their incredibly efficient lighting bollards. Anyone who purchases these is pleasantly surprised with the results both long and short term. Most people and businesses are very happy with the lighting because it is not dim like past solar lighting since it uses a newer and more updated technology.

From airports to parks and city and country roads, Orca Solar Lighting has provided their technology and products to light up areas that offer access to citizens around the country. Many of the locations that their lighting bollards are in are remote and difficult to provide electricity to. These units offer an excellent option so that areas do not need to be dug up and destroyed to install electrical wiring to connect lighting units. Instead, these units are self-sufficient and able to be operated free from the electrical grid.

If you have not heard of Orca Solar Lighting, it is likely that you will soon. This company has been operating since 2007 and continues to grow quickly with a growing demand for their products. The way of the future has been shown to many cities and businesses and it is solar energy. The power of these renewable lighting options has been proven to be invaluable and extremely reliable.

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