Tiger Containers Sunshine Coast

Shipping containers are an essential part of the modern world when it comes to transporting and storing goods and cargo. These days they are also used for a multitude of other purposes, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Home Extensions
  • Tiny Homes
  • Roadside Bars & Cafes
  • Jail Cells
  • School Buildings
  • Ablution Blocks
  • Granny Flats
  • Home Office Space
  • And more…

If you’re in Sunshine Coast or the surrounding area and you’re looking to either hire or buy a shipping container, then you’ll need to find an experienced and reliable shipping container company to deal with. This review is about Tiger Containers Sunshine Coast.

Who Is Tiger Containers Sunshine Coast?

Tiger Containers specialises in everything you could possibly think of when it comes to the shipping container industry. They are a 100% Australian owned and operated company that has been in business for well over 3 decades.

The company has depots all around the nation and can arrange delivery of shipping containers to many parts of the country. With a firm focus on customer satisfaction, you’ll discover Tiger Containers not only has Australia’s biggest range of shipping containers to choose from, but also shipping container accessories as well.

What Can Tiger Containers Do for You?

For starters, Tiger both sells and hires shipping containers, and you have the choice of a brand new container, or a quality used shipping container.

There are 3 common sizes of shipping container:

  1. 10ft
  2. 20ft
  3. 40ft

While the company can furnish you with a container in any of the common sizes, the most popular size is the 20 foot container as it’s mid-range, and therefore the most versatile.

It really depends on your personal requirements whether you need a new or used container, want to buy or hire, and what size container you’ll require, but rest assured Tiger Containers Sunshine Coast has got you well covered.

If you’re uncertain about anything at all, the expert team there will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Along with the 3 regular container sizes, there are also a variety of types of shipping container, and just some include:

  • Standard containers
  • Refrigerated containers
  • Flat pack containers
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers
  • Top loading & side loading cargo containers
  • And more…

If you want to refashion a new or used shipping container for another purpose other than transport or storage, Tiger Containers has a specialist team on hand to help design and remodel containers for all sorts of uses, such as those listed at the start of this review. Just chat to them about your plans and ideas, and they’ll help make it a reality in quick time.

Even if you just need some friendly advice relating to shipping containers or the transporting of goods, the team at Tiger will look after you in every way possible.

When it comes to shipping containers, there really is no need to deal with multiple companies. You can get everything you need at the one place when you team up with Tiger Containers Sunshine Coast.

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